Does Sans have a birthday?

Sans | 1st April | April Fools & Release Date of the Font Comic Sans (the irony!) I have asked permission off the original author and was granted permission to make this post.

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1st April

Additionally, is Sans older than papyrus? One of Toby Fox’s Tweets strongly suggests that Sans is the older brother. Aniki is a japanese term used for older brothers, so saying that Papyrus would use it implies that Papyrus is the younger brother. Papyrus takes on the older brother roles of cleaning, cooking, and work.

In this regard, what is ink sans birthday?

¢нσ T?нє M?ι∂иιgнт R?σѕє 04/15/17. Today is the birthday of the super creative, forgetful, AU creator and protector, Ink Sans! (Thank you Comyet for creating this beautiful cinnamon roll) So now have some cool and random Ink pictures I have!

How is sans so strong?

And that is also the reason why he is able to dodge frisk/charas attack so many times also another reason why he is so powerful cause of his karmic retribution it acts as soul poison slowly taking the players HP away basically if your hit too many times your dead.

What is Chara’s birthday?


What happens if you accept sans spare?

When Sans offers to spare you, and you decide to reciprocate, he commences to end the battle abruptly with an unavoidable attack that kills you off within a matter of seconds. He then proceeds to insult you in his own, personal way: “geeettttttt dunked on!!!”

What is Chara’s favorite food?

And like Brady, Chara is a frequent healthy snacker. His favorite options include rice cakes, vegetable and juice shakes, and quinoa mixed with nuts and dried fruits — the latter of which especially sounds like a TB12 snack pack.

What is sans last name?

This is a reference to Helvetica, a webcomic about a skeleton named after a font. In Japanese phonetics, Sans’s name is homophonous with the name of the Sanzu River, a boundary between death and the afterlife in Buddhist lore which, like Sans, judges all who cross it for their deeds.

Is Sans left handed?

Sans appears to be lefthanded.

Is Gaster sans dad?

Gaster is not Sans and Papyrus’s father.

What does Sans say before you fight him?

In battle, Sans says, ” you‘ll just keep going. If the game is closed during the battle, Sans will count this as a death when making his next comment before battling the protagonist again.

Why does ink SANS not have a soul?

It was stated in a picture that Ink is “Chaotic Neutral, at best.” He also literally cannot care for others without his vials of paint, due to his lack of soul. In the Star Sanses comic, Ink and Dream fight because Ink does not care for the emotions of the people inside the AU’s.

Who created dream Sans?

Dreamtale is a Sans-centric AU created by the Tumblr user Jokublog, and connected to other AUs in that positive and negative emotions are sent from the sacred Tree of Feelings to other universes in order to maintain life (there are two other trees: Life and Magic).

What is Errortale?

Errortale is a destroyer AU created by Tumblr user, Lover Of Piggies. Sans is present as the trash can, destroying worlds that aren’t ” supposed to exist”, the worlds that Ink and Dream protect. This AU connects to many others, so it’s best to get to know some other AUs before you jump into this one.

What is Inktale?

Inktale is an AU created by Tumblr user Comyet. Coming from a half made universe, the Sans from this forgotten AU destroyed his own soul in order to escape.

Why is UnderSwap called blueberry?

He also collects Sci-Fi figures instead of action figures. He is often referred to as “Blueberry” by Fans because most of them find him cute, along with the fact that most of his clothing is blue. However, Blueberry is a Fanon rendition of UnderSwap Sans.

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