Does Spy Kids take place in Mexico?

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It appears to take place in Austin, Texas. Or, it takes place in Mexico after being annexed by the U.S. Demographic implications aside, it definitely takes place 20 Minutes into the Future, because there’s no way that Grandpa could’ve plausibly trapped the Toymaker in such an elaborate cyberspace in 1973.

are Spy Kids Mexican?

Spy Kids (franchise) Spy Kids is an American spy action comedy film series created by Robert Rodriguez. The films tend to have a strong Hispanic theme, as Rodriguez is of Mexican descent.

is Spy Kids owned by Disney?

Disney owns Miramax, who owns Dimension films. So the Spy Kids series and Scream and all them are technically made under the Disney banner.

What happened to Judy on Spy Kids?

In Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Juni is pulled out of retirement to rescue his sister from her failed mission to shut down the video game Game Over. Juni finds her, but it is no accident. Juni and the others are secretly being manipulated, because the Toymaker has an interest in Juni’s grandfather.

where do the Cortez’s Live in Spy Kids?

Cortez Residence. The Cortez Residence is the house where Gregorio, Ingrid, Carmen, and Juni Cortez live.

What country is Spy Kids based in?

Spy Kids | 2001 Robert Rodriguez’ inventive romp was filmed almost entirely in the Texas state capital, Austin, apart from a glimpse of Chile and a little of the director’s home town, San Antonio.

When was Spy Kids filmed?

Is killjoy Carmen Cortez?

Alexa Vega, who starred as Carmen Cortez in the Robert Rodriguez-directed “Spy Kids” franchise beginning in 2001, is now a curvaceous 25-year-old taking a giant leap from adorable child star to a gun-toting prostitute protector named Killjoy in Rodriguez’s new “Machete Kills.”

How old are Carmen and Juni now?

Whether you remember watching them as a child, watched them whilst hungover in your college days or gave your little ones the miraculous gift of the ‘Spy Kids Movie’ you will be utterly shocked to see where Carmen and Juni are now, who were 12 and 9 years old in the 2001 film.

What was Carmen’s full name?

According to film subtitles Carmen’s full name is Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Costa-Brava Cortez.

What does Ralph stand for in Spy Kids?

Robotic Arachnid Lithium Photo Helper

Who plays the daughter in Spy Kids?

Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Antonio Banderas Gregorio Cortez Carla Gugino Ingrid Cortez Alexa PenaVega Carmen Cortez (as Alexa Vega) Daryl Sabara Juni Cortez

How old is Juni from Spy Kids now?

THEN: Just 12 years old at the time of Spy Kids’ release, Alexa PenaVega (then known as Alexa Vega) played Carmen Cortez. The oldest child of Ingrid and Gregorio, Carmen tries to take care of her little brother Juni (Daryl Sabara), no matter how annoying he may be.

Who is the villain in Spy Kids?

Fegan Floop