How do I unlock my filtrete thermostat?

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The 3M-22 has a simple LOCK mode to avoid unwanted modifications to the thermostat. The LOCK icon will show on screen, All buttons are locked except HOME. To UNLOCK: Touch and hold HOME for 3 seconds.

how do I lock my thermostat?

To lock your thermostat, complete the following steps:

  1. On your smart thermostat, press the Menu button.
  2. To go from unlock to a half lock, tap and hold down the Padlock icon for at least 3 seconds.
  3. To go from a half lock to a full lock, repeat the same action.

how do you use 3m Filtrete?

how do you program a ct30 thermostat?

To program or adjust your CT30, simply touch your finger firmly to the screen. The screen will automatically light up and you will hear a “beep.” The screen will respond differently to different types of touches, so you may want to experiment by touching it different ways, finger, fingernail, etc.

How do I reset my radio thermostat?

The next step is to perform a factory reset on the thermostat. Press Menu, then with one finger press and hold the middle of the thermostat screen. When the arrows appear, press the down arrow once. After the countdown is complete the thermostat will reset and you can restart the connection process from the beginning.

How do you use a RiteTemp thermostat?

RiteTemp Thermostat Programming First, set the clock on your thermostat. Press the “Set Clock” button once to set the day of the week, then press the left-arrow “Time” button or the right-arrow “Time” button to select the day. Follow the same steps to set the time, then press the “Home” button to store your settings.

How do you program a RiteTemp thermostat 6022?

To start Ritetemp thermostat programming for models like the 6022, you’ll want to find the heat/cool adjustment and move the switch to “heat” and then press the “program” button. An abbreviation for the day of the week will appear, so you’ll need to press the “day” button to adjust to whatever day it is.

How do I set the temperature on my RiteTemp thermostat?

To program a RiteTemp thermostat, first select Heat or Cool by pressing the mode switch. Then select the correct day to change that day’s temperature. Once the day is selected, press Time Slot until the right time of day is selected. Finally, adjust the temperature and time, and press Next.