How do you adjust a Saturn IV gear drive sprinkler?

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How to Adjust a Saturn IV Gear Drive Sprinkler
  1. Turn the head of your Orbit Saturn IV Gear Drive all the way to the left.
  2. Adjust the right stop by loosening the sprinkler collar, removing the stem and reinstalling it so that the arrow points down the right side of your desired area to be watered.

why is my orbit sprinkler not rotating?

Solutions. When the water pressure is too low, an inadequate amount of water flows through the sprinkler head and it will not turn. Using a larger backflow preventer in the water line might increase the water pressure enough to cause the sprinkler head to rotate.

how does a gear drive sprinkler work?

How a Typical GearDrive Rotor Works. Water enters the base of the sprinkler. From there it passes through a filter screen and then through a turbine. The water turns the turbine, which powers a set of gears, which rotate the sprinkler nozzle.

what is a gear drive sprinkler?

Gear drive heads produce a smooth, uniform spray that equally distributes water over your lawn.

How do I fix my orbit gear drive sprinkler?

How to Repair an Orbit Sprinkler

What is a PGP sprinkler?

The PGP Gear-Drive Rotor Sprinkler with 3-Gallon Per Minute Nozzle features an adjustable 40 – 360 degree arc for versatile coverage. The rotary sprinkler provides water-saving efficiency and uniform water distribution for consistent results. The water-lubricated gear drive delivers long-lasting performance.

How do you adjust Hunter PGP sprinkler distance?

To Increase the Arc Insert the plastic key end of the Hunter wrench into the adjustment socket . While holding the nozzle turret at the right stop, turn the wrench clockwise. Adjust to any arc between 40° and 360°.