How do you draw a bird step by step?

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Draw slightly curved lines down the length of the tail. Draw a small circle in the middle of the head to form the eye, and a dot within the beak to form the nostril. Extend a few short lines from above the eye, forming eyelashes. Draw a large circle within the eye, and a smaller oval and circle within it.

how do you draw a bird for beginners?

Start with the basic Shape Start your bird sketch by noting the posture of the bird or the angle at which it sits with a single line. Over this, add an oval for a body and then a circle for the head. Then stop and check your proportions. It is easy to change the size of the head early in the drawing.

what can eat a bird?

Birds are attacked and eaten by other birds, including falcons, owls and eagles. Different kinds of serpents and other reptiles kill adult and baby birds alike. Four-legged predators such as bobcats and weasels are bird-eaters.

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