How do you finish cording?

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Wrap the thread (I used two strands) around the cording two or three times, pull it very tight and knot the two ends of the thread together. (Try to leave the short end longer than the tassel will be so you can trim it when you trim the tassel.) Cut the cording about 1/4 inch below this wrap.

how do you finish the end of cording?

Both ends of your piece of cording should be wrapped in tape if you are bringing it home from the fabric store–they do this automatically. Seal both ends of the cording with the glue or sealant in the same manner. Seal any fresh cut ends when you cut a piece of cording from your personal collection.

how do I keep my decorative trim from fraying?

You can repair and prevent frayed fringe edges with simple techniques.

how do you seal the end of paracord?

Heat the ends of the paracord with the torch/lighter until the ends melt and get liquid, then you can just use a pair of pliers to solder the end of paracord to another end or to another string of paracord. The result if done carefully is almost unnoticeable.

How do you put cording on a pillow?

Sew the cording onto the pillow face. Leave about 3″ of cording loose, then start sewing the cording onto the right side of the face fabric at the bottom center using a zipper foot. Clip the cording seam allowance at the corners, and ease cording in around the corners.