How do you fix a stuck beer tap?

Steps to Clean:
  1. Shut off the CO2 and remove the coupler from the keg to prevent beer from flowing when you disassemble the faucet.
  2. Next, use your spanner wrench and remove the beer faucet.
  3. Once you have the faucet removed, soak it in warm soapy water for an hour or two.

Read complete answer here. Simply so, how do you remove a stuck keg tap?

If your draft faucet is stuck, first disconnect the keg from the beer line. Then remove the faucet from the shank or tower. Mix a small solution of PBW or BLC and hot water (approximately 140F), and let the faucet soak in for 30 minutes. Wearing rubber dish gloves remove the faucet and try moving the handle again.

Secondly, how do you clean a beer tap head? Using a faucet wrench, remove the tap or faucet from the beer tower. Then, remove the keg coupler to separate the beer lines from the keg. Soak the faucet and the keg coupler in a cleaning solution.

In this manner, how do you change a beer tap handle?

Simply screw the beer tap handle onto the beer faucet lever turning clockwise until it is hand tight only. On the beer faucet lever there is an adjusting knob that allows you to align the beer tap handle to your desired location.

How do you tap a keg?

  1. Ensure the handle is in the upright (off) position.
  2. Align the two coupler lugs with the corresponding openings in the keg valve.
  3. Insert the keg coupler and turn clockwise to engage into position. ( About 90 degrees)
  4. Press the handle downward (on).
  5. Now open the faucet and draw beer.
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How often should beer lines be cleaned?

If you are using your tap beer lines regularly, we advised cleaning your beer lines every two weeks. At a minimum you should clean your tap lines once every six weeks. Our recommendation is to clean and sanitize your tap lines between each keg you serve on your draft system to make life easier.

What chemical is used to clean beer lines?

Basic Caustic / Chlorinated beer line cleaners are a mixture of either Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide (This is the Caustic Part) and Sodium Hypochlorite. More effective and complex beer line cleaners will also contain water softening and scale removing additives.

How do you set up a beer tap?

  1. Plan the space for your tap.
  2. Lay out the beer lines and CO2 canister.
  3. Add holes in the refrigerator, if needed.
  4. Drill a hole for the beer tap.
  5. Connect the regulator to the CO2 tank.
  6. Connect the coupler to the top of the keg.
  7. Run the hose from the refrigerator to the underside of the tap.
  8. Open the CO2 cannister.

How long does it take to clean beer lines?

Open each of the beer taps and pull through all of the beer in the line until you reach the beer line cleaner. Once you are at the line cleaner pull at least 2 pints through and allow it to soak for at least 20 minutes.