How do you route a cabinet door?

Rest of the in-depth answer is here. Regarding this, what is a cabinet door stile?

A stile is a vertical piece of wood used in the frame of a cabinet. Two stiles are combined with rails to complete the frame. Stiles and rails, which are horizontal pieces, are combined to create a complete cabinet frame. A stile may also refer to the vertical piece of wood that is placed in the opening of a cabinet.

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how do you fill grooves in cabinet doors?

Smoothing the grooves

How do you measure for cabinet doors?

  1. Measure the cabinet opening: Measure in the same fashion as for a single door, getting the total height and width from the inside edge of the opening.
  2. Add space for door overlay: Add 1 inch to the height.
  3. Divide the width: Divide the width by 2 for individual door measurements.

What makes a good kitchen cabinet?

This will help ensure you choose high-quality cabinets for your home.
  • Durable Cabinet Box Materials.
  • Fully-Assembled Cabinets.
  • Long-Lasting, Quality Cabinet Frames.
  • Quality Cabinet Boxes.
  • Easy-to-Clean Interiors.
  • Durable, Full-Height Back Panel.
  • Dovetail Drawer Box Construction.
  • Soft-Close Door Hinges.

What is a shaper table?

A wood shaper, usually just shaper in North America or spindle moulder or just moulder in the UK, is a stationary woodworking machine in which a vertically oriented spindle drives cutter heads to mill profiles on wood stock. Adapters are sold allowing a shaper to drive router bits, a compromise on several levels.

What does a shaker cabinet door look like?

Shaker style cabinets are characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel. Some shaker cabinets are very clean and simple, while other have decorative edge detailing. The drawer fronts of shaker cabinets can also differ.

How much overhang should cabinet doors have?

Framed overlay and frameless cabinet doors sit proud of the cabinet box, and most doors are ¾” deep plus a 1/8” bumper on the back of door/drawer fronts. Overhanging countertops 1-1/4” gives an average (if something is out of square/plumb) overhang for the entire space, although it can vary by 1/8” in either direction.

What is a floating door?

A floating door has each panel independent of the other with its own operator or drive that allows the door to move to roughly any full-open position. A floating group has a motor or drive on each end of a group of doors to allow the entire section of panels to move all the way to the left or right.

What is a cabinet panel?

Frame and panel. The vertical members of the frame are called stiles while the horizontal members are known as rails. A basic frame and panel item consists of a top rail, a bottom rail, two stiles, and a panel. This is a common method of constructing cabinet doors and these are often referred to as a five piece door.

Why do doors have panels?

The six panel design has several advantages for making doors of solid wood: The lock rail adds strength at the latch mortise. The cross rail provides a solid place to attach coat hooks. Splitting it vertically with the center stile adds strength and reduces the width of the boards needed to make the panels.

What are stile lines?

fenmaster. No, stile lines is where it looks like there is a seam/joint between the vertical and horizontal planes of the slab. As if four pieces of wood made the slab.

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