How do you tension a roller blind?

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If the shade’s too tight, here’s how to loosen the spring tension:
  1. Roll up the treatment.
  2. Remove the roller from the brackets.
  3. Unroll the treatment approximately halfway by hand.
  4. Replace the roller in the brackets.
  5. Repeat if necessary until you have the right amount of tension.

how do you fix blinds on a roller?

How to Fix Rolling Blinds

  1. Pull down the blind to check the spring action, leaving the blind in the mounting brackets.
  2. Remove the blind from the hanging brackets.
  3. Clean out the ratchet and pawl with a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Replace the end cap and place the blind in the hanging brackets.
  5. Pull down the blind to unroll it about halfway.

how do I make my roller shades go up?

Insert the square tips at each end of the roller into the slots on the corresponding brackets. Pull down the shade, and slowly release it so the anti-reverse mechanism catches. Pull down the shade to release the mechanism and raise the shade up all the way.

how do you adjust the tension on MCD blinds?

To adjust the speed at which your shade rises, use the dial that is BLACK in color. That is the Speed Adjustment dial. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the spring tension and ascent speed. Turn it counter-clockwise to decrease the speed.

What is a spring roller?

Spring Roller Shades. The spring roller shade is a manually operated cordless product which offers economical value and child safety. We offer the traditional spring operation as well as a modern soft touch spring operation where the shade will always stop at a predetermined height.