How does Jane return to Gateshead show her growth?

Jane’s return to Gateshead shows her growth because it shows her maturity. She has become accepting of her past, but she isn’t bitter about it. She has become more spiritual and reflective. She is willing to not hold a grudge against Mrs.

Find out all about it here. Furthermore, why does Jane go back to Gateshead?

Her return to Gateshead shows how the adult Jane has changed and also develops the theme of reason/judgment vs passion/emotion. She returns, despite her childhood vow never to see Mrs. Bronte does not give in to sentimentality by converting Mrs. Reed on her deathbed and imposing a reconciliation between her and Jane.

Secondly, what does Jane learn from her time at Gateshead? A destitute orphan, Jane learns at Gateshead the terrible power of economic and social status, or the expectations, opportunities, and restrictions placed on people based upon who they are and what their background is. Her earliest years are spent at the mercy of wealthy relatives who despise her.

Similarly, it is asked, what chapter does Jane return to Gateshead?

Summary: Chapter 22 Jane remains at Gateshead for a month because Georgiana dreads being left alone with Eliza, with whom she does not get along. Eventually, Georgiana goes to London to live with her uncle, and Eliza joins a convent in France.

Where does Jane stay the longest?

After a group of more sympathetic gentlemen takes Brocklehurst’s place, Jane’s life improves dramatically. She spends eight more years at Lowood, six as a student and two as a teacher.

How does Rochester propose to Jane?

Together they sit on a bench under a chestnut-tree to discuss Jane’s trip. Now Rochester admits his strong feelings for Jane, and she reveals her love for him. He proposes marriage. During the night, lightning splits the great chestnut tree in two.

What happens to Bertha in Jane Eyre?

Despite not loving her, Rochester attempts to save Bertha from a fire she starts in the house when she again escapes. Bertha dies after throwing herself off the roof, leaving her husband free to marry Jane.

Is Jane jealous of Blanche?

Blanche Ingram. Still, Rochester uses Blanche somewhat unfairly; he makes it look to everyone as though he’s going to marry her just to make Jane jealous. He thinks leading Blanche on is okay because she was a gold-digger anyway, but Jane is frustrated with his behavior.

Where does Jane spend the night before her wedding?

The night before her wedding, Jane waits for Rochester, who has left Thornfield for the evening. She grows restless and takes a walk in the orchard, where she sees the now-split chestnut tree. When Rochester arrives, Jane tells him about strange events that have occurred in his absence.

Where does Jane go after Thornfield?

In early adulthood, after several years as a student and then teacher at Lowood, Jane musters the courage to leave. She finds work as a governess at Thornfield Hall, where she meets her dashing and Byronic employer, the wealthy and impetuous Edward Rochester.

How does Jane react to her feelings of love for Mr Rochester?

How does Jane react to her feelings of love for Mr. Rochester? She frankly evaluates her plainness and social position, especially upon hearing about the beautiful Blanche Ingram, whom Mr. Rochester’s kindness and gratitude.

Why does Jane difficulty believing Rochester’s declaration of love?

Why does Jane have difficulty believing Rochester’s declaration of love? Rochester thinks he will find repentance in all the bad things he has done in the past when he is with Jane. Jane has not fully accepted it because it was hard for her to believe Rochester liked her and not Blanche like she thought he did.

Why did Mrs Reed want to see Jane?

Mrs. Reed has a couple of reasons for wishing to see Jane in chapter 21. Obviously, she wishes to ask for forgiveness and be reconciled to Jane because she does feel remorseful about her actions.

How did Jane Eyre’s parents die?

When she wakes, Jane finds herself in her own bedroom, in the care of Mr. When they married, Jane’s wealthy maternal grandfather wrote his daughter out of his will. Not long after Jane was born, Jane’s parents died from typhus, which Jane’s father contracted while caring for the poor.

How does Helen die in Jane Eyre?

Helen tragically dies of tuberculosis at a very young age and Jane stays with her until the last moment.

Why does Jane leave Thornfield?

Originally Answered: Why does Jane Ayre leave Rochester? Because Mr Rochester is already married. Yeah, she’s crazy but to Jane the fact that Bertha is still alive makes her feel like she would only be his mistress. Shes right to want more, she wants to rightfully belong.

How do the reeds treat Jane?

How do the Reeds treat Jane? They ignore her and only talk to her when they have to. After Jane and Rochester agree to marry a storm breaks. Jane acts the same.

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