How many locations does Mimi’s Cafe have?

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Mimi’s Cafe. Mimi’s Bistro + Bakery is an American restaurant chain with 77 locations in 24 states.

Does Mimi’s Cafe have WIFI? Free and Shared Wi-Fi Networks – around Mimi’s Cafe | Wifi-Free iPhone and Android App.

is Mimi’s Cafe still in business?

Last year, Mimi’s Café ended its 36 years of corporate ties to Orange County. It relocated its Irvine offices to Dallas – home to Le Duff. Ten corporate positions were eliminated during the move.

Does Mimi’s Cafe serve Thanksgiving dinner? Mimi’s Cafe. We are open on Thanksgiving Day! Our dine-in Thanksgiving meal includes: Roasted Turkey, Traditional Gravy, Buttered Cornbread Stuffing, Candied Pecan Sweet Potatoes, Whipped Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Apple Orange Cranberry Relish and Freshly-Baked Brown-Sugar-Topped Pumpkin Squaresand more

is Mimi’s Cafe breakfast all day?

Breakfast all day” Review of Mimi’s Cafe. Haven’t been to a Mimi’s in over 15 years (last time was in Thousand Oaks) and was looking forward to it. Part of their regular menu has an allday breakfast section but we were also give the full breakfast menu.

What kind of muffins Does Mimi’s Cafe have?

Mimi’s® Muffins Chocolate Chip. Sweet vanilla batter baked with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate chip crumble. ( Buttermilk-Spice. Sweet vanilla batter baked with cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with walnut spice crumble. ( Blueberry Crumble. Carrot Raisin Nut. Take Home Muffins.

where was the first Mimi’s Cafe?

Mimi’s Cafe on Euclid Street in Anaheim

Does Mimi’s Cafe serve mimosas?

Mimi’s Cafe. Enjoy your favorite $5 Mimosa every Saturday & Sunday until 2PM.

What kind of food is Mimi Cafe?


Does Mimi’s Cafe have a bar?

Mimi’s Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mimi’s offers private dining rooms for special gatherings, catering and to-go menus, and online ordering. Many restaurants have a full bar featuring specialty cocktails, and all restaurants serve wine and beer.

What time does lunch start at Mimi’s Cafe?

2.00 PM

How expensive is Mimi’s Cafe?

Mimi’s Cafe Prices Item Price Bacon & Bleu Cheese $11.49 Bacon & Bleu Cheese with Chicken $16.79 Bacon & Bleu Cheese with Salmon $18.29 Bacon & Bleu Cheese with Shrimp $18.79

What are Mimis?

Mimis (or ‘Mimih Spirits’) are fairy-like beings of Arnhem Land in the folklore of the Indigenous Australians of northern Australia. They are described as having extremely thin and elongated bodies, so thin as to be in danger of breaking in case of a high wind.

What does Mimi mean in French?

mimi : cute familier. Mimi is slang for mignon (cute). It’s generally considered to be baby talk.

When was Mimi’s Cafe founded?


Is Mimi’s Cafe for sale?

Bob Evans Sells Mimi’s Cafe to LeDuff America for $50M. Bob Evans Farms announced it had entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of its Mimi’s Cafe restaurant chain to LeDuff America (LDA).