How much are tickets to NBA Finals 2019?

Prices for game 6 of the NBA finals are about 50% more expensive than prices for the first two games of the 2019 finals.

How To Find Cheapest 2019 Warriors Finals Tickets At Oracle Arena.

Game 6 @ GSW6/13From $546??
Game 7 @ TOR6/16From $2,184??

Read, more elaboration about it is given here. People also ask, how much are NBA final tickets?

Typically, NBA Finals tickets can be found for as low as $250, with an average price of $1,200.

Also, how much are Raptors tickets going for? Toronto Raptors Ticket Prices

Similarly, it is asked, how much do courtside finals tickets cost?

How much is a NBA ticket?

The average NBA ticket price is $89.00 per ticket on the secondary ticket market during the 2018 – 2019 season. Comprised average of all 30 teams NBA Ticket prices on the secondary market.

What are the cheapest NBA tickets?

Which NBA Teams Offer the Most Affordable Home Games?
RankTeamMedian Resale Ticket Price
1Cleveland Cavaliers$42.00
2Indiana Pacers$55.00
3Dallas Mavericks$52.00
4Memphis Grizzlies$55.00

How much does it cost to sit courtside at an NBA game?

Cost of Courtside Seats

The range for a courtside seat in the NBA is generally anywhere from $300-$20,000 (source). Now, that’s a huge difference in price and can vary from game to game and city to city.

How much are front row NBA Finals tickets?

2018 NBA Finals Front Row Ticket Price

Using data from the reseller TicketCity, Forbes reported that the most expensive 2018 NBA Finals tickets for courtside seats ranged from $15,896 (for Game 7) up to a whopping $76,956 (Game 2).

What was the most expensive NBA Finals ticket?

The Golden State Warriors sold two seats to Game 4 of the NBA Finals for a total of $101,015, which set a new record for the most expensive tickets sold for the Finals, according to Darren Rovell of The Action Network. The price per ticket for the courtside seats was $50,507.50, Rovell reported in a tweet on Sunday.

How much do Super Bowl tickets cost?

Super Bowl 2020 tickets now cost an average of $10,000.

How much are floor seats for Golden State Warriors?

If you are looking for the cheapest Golden State Warrior tickets on the 2017 schedule for games at the Oracle Arena are against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. Tickets in the upper-level begin at $65.00 per seat. Court side seats are $1,400 per.

How do you get courtside seats?

You can find courtside seats by heading to the event page for the game you’re interested in. Once there, select the courtside seats you’d like and view the pricing details on the left. Use Deal Score to determine which tickets are the best deal.

Where can I buy NBA tickets?

Ticketmaster is your source for NBA tickets to all your must-see games, and with NBA resale tickets in the mix, you have more options than ever before. All tickets are 100% verified, so the seat you buy is the seat you get, guaranteed.

Are Raptors tickets sold out?

Single-game tickets and some ticket packages are available on the primary market for the Toronto Raptors, but season tickets are sold out. Single-game tickets are available via partner Ticketmaster, and ticket packages are available via the team website.

How much are NBA season tickets?

A family of four can expect to pay an average of nearly half a grand to attend an NBA game this season. That includes an average median resale ticket price of $96.57.

Why are Raptors tickets so expensive?

Powers also noted that tickets are expensive for two main reasons: supply and demand and dynamic pricing. There are also several contributing factors, including the size of an arena, for example.

Where can I buy Raptors tickets in person?

For all events and games at Scotiabank Arena, please purchase your tickets at the Ticket Office located in the west end of the Galleria near Gate 1.

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