How much is diesel gas per gallon?

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National average gas prices
Current Avg.$2.345$2.795
Yesterday Avg.$2.365$2.804
Week Ago Avg.$2.416$2.840
Month Ago Avg.$2.426$2.900

How many miles make a diesel worth it? As a broad guide, if you do over 12,000 miles a year, a diesel is likely to make economic sense. Although no diesel qualifies for a reduced rate of road tax, your fuel cost per mile driven will be lower than you’ll experience from a petrol.

how much does a gallon of diesel gas cost?

Diesel tops $3 per gallon in nearly every U.S. region. While national gasoline average cost per gallon stayed in the $2.85 range this week, diesel continues to creep up with a national average of $3.17 per gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration.

How long do diesel engines last? Properly maintained, most mechanics agree you can expect to keep a diesel vehicle on the road for a solid 30 years. They do, however, require some special care.

is gas more expensive than diesel?

Diesel fuel is more expensive. Diesel fuel historically has been more expensive than gasoline. Taxes: Diesel fuel is assessed a higher federal excise tax than gasoline (24.4 cents per gallon for diesel vs. 18.4 cents per gallon for gasoline) and diesel fuel is also sometimes assessed a higher tax at the state level.

What is the average life of a diesel engine?

The engine life can last between 300-400k miles. Passenger diesel vehicles are not built to the same standard as heavy vehicles!!! ­čÖé While no engine will last forever, diesel engines have a distinct advantage in longevity over their gasoline counterparts.

what is the average cost of diesel fuel?

As of January 2019, diesel fuel retail price in the United States reached 2.98 U.S. dollars per gallon. In comparison, gasoline cost and average of 2.72 U.S. dollars per gallon in 2018.

What was highest gas prices ever?

The highest national average price of gas was $4.11 on July 17, 2008, according to AAA.

How much is a gallon of fuel?

Petrol Prices

Why do diesel engines last so long?

Diesel engines do last longer than petrol ones. Diesel is a light oil and when burned and used as fuel by the vehicle it lubricates the parts of the engine. This prolongs the life of the engine. This is partly because of the intricate fuel pump which is expensive to repair or replace.

Why is diesel fuel so expensive right now?

There are three main reasons why diesel fuel prices have been higher than regular gasoline prices in recent years: The federal excise tax for on-highway diesel fuel of 24.3 cents per gallon is 6 cents per gallon higher than the federal excise tax on gasoline.

How much is gas a month?

Your monthly gasoline bill: $368 These are just a few of the things you could have bought if you weren’t spending $368.09 a month on gasoline. That’s the average amount American households spent on gas in April, according to an exclusive analysis of data by the Oil Price Information Service for CNNMoney.

How much is gas in Hawaii today?

Kailua Kona Gas Prices provided by Time Hawaii Today Yesterday One Week Ago One Month Ago One Year Ago 3.557 3.559 3.802 3.862 3.491

What states have the cheapest gas?

Here are the 10 states seeing the cheapest gas prices, according to AAA. Missouri: $2.518 per gallon. Tennessee: $2.461 per gallon. Texas: $2.452 per gallon. Arkansas: $2.439 per gallon. South Carolina: $2.409 per gallon. Alabama: $2.389 per gallon. Louisiana: $2.383. Mississippi: $2.372.

How much is a gallon of diesel in pounds?

The weight of a gallon of diesel is about 7 pounds, roughly. Diesel weighs a little less than 7 pounds per gallon in the US (and a little more than 7 pounds per gallon in Canada), but let’s go with 7 pounds per gallon to make it an easy, round number.

How much is a full tank of gas?

Smaller cars generally have gas tanks that hold 12 gallons worth of gas, while larger cars can hold 15 or 16 gallons. For the purpose of this story, let’s say gas costs $3.85 a gallon. A car with a 12-gallon tank costs $46.20 to fill up while a larger car with a 15-gallon tank costs $57.75.