How should stock be secure when using the drill press?

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Make adjustments and remove key immediately. Do not hold work by hand when drilling holes; secure the work with clamps or vices. Do not place hands under the stock being drilled. Do not stop rotation of chuck and spindle with your hand.

when using a drill press the operator should wear?

1. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry while operating a drill press. Confine long hair with a cap or hair net.

what should we check before starting the drill press up?

Make sure that the drill press has a start/stop button within easy reach of the operator. Make sure the drill press has a working emergency stop button (e-stop). Make sure a guard, shield or barrier is in place and functioning properly before starting work.

do drill presses need to be guarded?

Woodworking eTool | Production > Drill Presses. With a drill press, the operator must be protected from the rotating chuck and swarf that is produced by the drill bit. Specially designed shields can be attached to the quill and used to protect this area.

What part of the drill press holds the drill bit?

A twist drill is composed of three major parts: a shank, body, and point. The shank is the part of the drill bit held in the spindle of the drill press. The drill press‘ power is transferred through the shank.

What is the spindle on a drill press?

The drill is held in a rotating spindle and is fed into the workpiece, which is usually clamped in a vise resting on a table. The drill may be gripped in a chuck with three jaws that move radially in unison, or it may have a tapered shank that fits into a tapered hole in the spindle.

What is the quill of a drill press?

In a drill press, the quill is the hollow shaft that surrounds the spindle. The spindle is the rotating shaft that the chuck is mounted on. The spindle turns with respect to the drill press housing, while the quill does not turn with respect to the drill press housing.