How tall is a Detolf?

163 cm

Lot more interesting detail can be read here. In this way, how wide is a Detolf?

The inside dimensions of the detolf are 61.5 inches x 15.5 inches, making it a bit larger than 950 square inches. The outside dimensions are 16 3/4 inches x 64 1/8 inches.

Also, how heavy is a Detolf? The empty Detolf is nearly 80lbs. You definitely need something bigger and more robust.

Subsequently, one may also ask, whats a Detolf?

The Ikea Detolf is a popular choice of cages for those with minimal DIY skills who feel other suitable options are out of their price range. It is a glass display case that is played on its side to provide a large habitat. You can fit tons of toys in the cage, and it does look quite sleek on display.

How many square inches is the IKEA Detolf?

Elephanthamster 17 Mar 2016. I’ve measured the inside of my Detolf to be 61.5″ long x 15.5″ wide, making it 953.25 square inches.

How many gallons is the IKEA Detolf?

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Providing the dimensions given are accurate, it’s 68.62449469630438 U.S. gallons.

How much weight can a Detolf shelf hold?

IKEA has stated that they can safely hold around 13 pounds. Unfortunately, the Hot Toys Hulkbuster weighs in at over 20 pounds. Slapping a Hulkbuster inside of a detolf is a dangerous move.