What airlines does Air New Zealand partner with?

You can also earn Airpoints when you fly with any of Air New Zealand‘s 30+ airline partners. This includes Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific and Star Alliance partners, such as Air Canada, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and more.

Rest of the detail can be read here. Subsequently, one may also ask, what Alliance does Air New Zealand part of?

the Star Alliance

Additionally, is Virgin Australia partners with Air New Zealand? Virgin Australia has lost its alliance partner Air New Zealand after the Kiwi carrier decided to end a deal that saw them code-share on flights across the Tasman. The deal allowed Virgin and Air New Zealand to code share, split revenue, and offer frequent flyer programs and lounge access reciprocity.

Subsequently, question is, is Air New Zealand a OneWorld partner?

Air New Zealand belongs to the Star Alliance while Cathay Pacific belongs to OneWorld, which on the surface makes them rivals.

What frequent flyer program is Air New Zealand?

Airpoints is Air New Zealand‘s frequent flyer program. It allows members to pick up Airpoints Dollars when they fly with Air New Zealand or with one of its 30+ Star Alliance airline partners, book accommodation, car rental and more.

How can I join Star Alliance?

To join Star Alliance, go to your preferred airline’s website, such as United Airlines, Air Canada, or Lufthansa, and sign up for their frequent flier program. Next, visit http://www.staralliance.com/en/earn-and-redeem and select the program you chose from the drop-down menu.

Can I use United miles to upgrade on Air New Zealand?

It is possible to use United Mileage to upgrade from Economy to Business on an Air NZ flight, this will cost 30, 000 mileage points each way. 2. We must purchase an Economy B or Y class fare in order to upgrade.

Is Air NZ good?

Air New Zealand has a very generous six inch seat recline which as the passenger in the reclined seat is extremely comfortable but it’s not so pleasant when you are sitting behind the seat. It was then time for everyone to put their seats back and I too enjoyed the comfort of this seat with its generous recline.

Is there free WIFI on Air New Zealand flights?

Inflight Wi-Fi is FREE for the long haul. Your Inflight Wi-Fi is on us, to help you stay connected. Enjoy Inflight Wi-Fi for free on all our enabled aircraft when you fly with us internationally. We’re making it easier than ever to stay connected, and showing a little more of our Kiwi hospitality.

Is Etihad a Star Alliance?

As part of the alliance, Etihad Guest members would be able to earn and redeem miles on all 27 member airlines. Star Alliance is the biggest of the three main airline alliances. Its members include five Skytrax 5 star airlines; ANA, Asiana, Eva Air, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa.

Is Qantas a Star Alliance partner?

The Star alliance is one of three major global airline alliances, alongside oneworld that counts Australia’s largest airline Qantas as one of its members, and SkyTeam Alliance, which is indirectly linked to Virgin Australia’s Velocity program through its reciprocal points transfer partnership with Singapore Airlines’

Can I use Qantas Club when flying Air New Zealand?

Similarly, Air New Zealand Gold and Elite Airpoints members can use domestic Qantas Club lounges when booked on a Qantas-operated domestic flight with an “NZflight number. These flights can only be booked on the same ticket as an Air New Zealand trans-Tasman service.

Is United Airlines a partner with Air New Zealand?

Our alliance with United covers flights between mainland USA and New Zealand, including feeder flights within the US and New Zealand. The alliance is part of our strong Pacific Rim partner network, which includes Virgin Australia, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Air China.

Can I get Virgin points on Air New Zealand?

We are pleased to announce that Velocity members are able to earn Points and Status Credits when travelling on additional fare classes with Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand on additional domestic connections within New Zealand.

Is Air New Zealand part of SkyTeam?

The SkyTeam alliance is one of three major global airline alliances, alongside Star Alliance, which counts Air New Zealand and one its members, and oneworld, which counts Australia’s largest airline Qantas as one of its members.

What airlines can you use virgin miles on?

Using Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles With Airline Partners. Flying Club members can earn miles by flying the following airlines: Delta Air Lines, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian Airlines, Air France, KLM, Air China, ANA, Virgin Australia, South African Airways, and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

Is Air Canada a virgin partner?

Virgin Australia and Air Canada have only a limited codeshare partnership. Velocity Frequent Flyer members can earn Velocity points and (from 1 December 2018) status credits when flying on a Virgin Australia marketed flight operated by Air Canada.

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