What do you eat on Isaac toast?

Food at Isaac Toast
  1. With every toast prepared upon order, we watched as they generously buttered the bread and slapped layers of chicken patty, cheese, omelette, and house sauce on it.
  2. As the patty was relatively thin, the first tastes that hit the strongest were that of cabbage, pickles, and sweet sauce.

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Take your choice of ham, bulgalbi (marinated beef steak), tteokgalbi (beef short rib patty), bulgogi (marinated beef), ham or bacon as the base filling of your toast.

Similarly, is Isaac toast halal? At Isaac Toast & Coffee Malaysia, all toast are freshly made to order and the ingredients used for our toast are Halal and certified by JAKIM. Isaac Toast is one of the few toast brands of its kind that is committed to Halal food practices.

Likewise, what is good at Isaac toast?

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We tried the Ham & Cheese, Bulgogi, Bacon & Cheese bagel, as well as the Double Cheese Pork Cutlet. All are yummy. The best I find is Ham & Cheese! Yummy egg sandwich toasts!

Is Fun Toast halal?

. @faisalle Fun Toast has yet to submit any Halal appln, hence it is not Muis HC.