What do you mean by remedial measures?

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Remedial Measures means any measures or actions required or undertaken to investigate, monitor, clean up, remove, treat, prevent, contain or otherwise remediate the presence or Release of any Hazardous Substance.

What is remedial all about? Remedial programs are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what he’s expected to know. They often target reading or math skills. In many cases, students are removed from their regular classroom and taught in another setting. Many students require the extra help remedial programs can provide.

what are remedial tasks?

1 : intended as a remedy. 2 : concerned with the correction of faulty study habits and the raising of a pupil’s general competence remedial reading courses also : receiving or requiring remedial instruction remedial students. Other Words from remedial Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about remedial.

What is another word for corrective action? Synonyms for corrective | adj.healing, curing curative. disciplinary. punitive. remedial. therapeutic.

what is meaning of remedial teaching?

Remedial teaching is identifying slow learners and providing them with the necessary help and guidance to help them overcome their problems, after identifying their areas of difficulty. Remedial instruction involves using individualized teaching of students who are experiencing difficulties in specific subject areas.

What is the synonym of improvement?

Synonyms of ‘improvement’ We are making a few amendments to the document. correction. They have made several corrections and additions to the document. heightening. advancement.

what is another word for remedial?

redress, remedy, remediation(noun) act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil. Synonyms: redress, indemnification, restitution, damages, amends, therapeutic, remedy, indemnity, curative, cure.

What is remediation and how is it determined?

The need for remediation is typically determined by the results of a placement exam. That is, determine a student’s readiness for a college-level course by either the results of the placement exam or the information gained from a high school transcript.

What does remedial reading mean?

Remedial reading. Remedial reading refers to correcting or improving deficient skills in specific subject. Thus, remedial reading is a change in instruction that helps remedy a weakness in the area of reading.

What is a remedial student?

A remedial student is a student who does not meet criteria that would allow h/her to enter into college level classes. Learn more in: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Basic Writing Course.

Who needs remedial education?

Students from low-income households, African American students and Hispanic students are more likely to enroll in remedial courses. National estimates show that among two-year college students, students age 17-19 are most likely to enroll in remedial courses followed by students age 20-24 and then students age 25+.

What is the purpose of a remedial action plan?

A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is a detailed summary of the environmental issues found on a property during a site characterization and outlines a plan of action that illustrates which remedies will be used to achieve cleanup goals. Also included is the plan of implementation and how its effectiveness will be measured.

What is remediation plan?

A remediation plan is essentially a list of items or issues to fix in an environment. An organization can have one large security remediation plan or have multiple smaller ones.

What does remedial work mean?

remedial adjective (TO IMPROVE) formal. A remedial action is intended to correct something that is wrong or to improve a bad situation: to take urgent/immediate remedial action. The bill requires owners to undertake remedial work on dilapidated buildings.

What is a remedial person?

Remedial action is intended to correct something that has been done wrong or that has not been successful. Remedial education is intended to improve a person’s ability to read, write, or do mathematics, especially when they find these things difficult.

What does remedial mean in construction?

Definition of Remediation in Construction Term used to describe the removal of contaminated wastes or hazardous material from a construction project, whether it be the site conditions, an existing building, or an adjacent environmental condition.