What does the polka music remind Blanche of?

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The polka music, the Varsouviana, is one of the most important of the play’s many symbols. It represents Blanche’s worsening state of mind in the play. We learn from Scene Six, when Blanche relates the tragic story of her young husband’s death to Mitch, the special significance that this polka tune has for her.

What reason does Blanche give Stanley for the loss of Belle Reve? why does Blanche say she lost Belle Reve? Blanche says she lost Belle Reve because everyone started to die in the family and they did not have any money left to pay for Belle Reve.

what does the polka music symbolize for Blanche?

The polka music plays at various points in A Streetcar Named Desire, when Blanche is feeling remorse for Allen’s death. The polka and the moment it evokes represent Blanche’s loss of innocence. The suicide of the young husband Blanche loved dearly was the event that triggered her mental decline.

Is Polka a German song? Today, polka is one of the few dances that originated during the nineteenth century that is still popular worldwide. From accordionist Lawrence Welk to the bands seen in POLKA TIME, live music remains an integral part to any polka dance. The two other kinds of mainstream polka are Czech and German.

Why is the Mexican woman selling funeral flowers?

The Mexican woman is calling for people to buy flowers to show respect for their dead. This foreshadows Blanche’s own figurative death. Mentally and physically, Blanche’s life is over. Mentally, Blanche has lost it.

What upsets Mitch the most about Blanche?

What upsets Mitch the most about Blanche is her constant lying. Their relationship was built on lies. Mitch had multiple sources to verify Blanche’s past. They were Kiefaber the merchant of Laurel, Stanley, and Shaw.

Why did Blanche’s husband kill himself?

This deliberate act of cruelty on Blanche’s part caused her young husband to commit suicide. Blanche has always thought she failed her young lover when he most needed her. She felt also that she was cruel to him in a way that Stanley would like to be cruel to her.

Why does Mitch say he won’t marry Blanche now?

Mitch says he won’t marry Blanche anymore because she is not clean enough to bring into his house with his sick mother. Blanche tells Stanley that she has heard from Shep Huntleigh, a millionaire and past admirer to invite her on a cruise to the Caribbean. Blanche tells Stanley that Mitch came to see her that night.

What is Blanche’s desire?

Blanche, the most important role, showed us her strong desire toward men and sex completely in the play. She needed to find someone to accompany her, and men were the best choice for her, because they could protect her. Besides, making love with them would let her forget the cruel reality temporarily.

Why is the paper lantern so important to Blanche?

In A Streetcar Named Desire, a Chinese paper lantern is used to symbolize a main character’s own insecurities. The paper lantern is an important symbol of Blanche because it simplifies all of her imperfections onto, literally, a piece of paper.

What does the blue piano mean?

The blue piano is a kind of sad song. It shows that emotional feeling and sexual desire of people. The blue piano reveals the inner loneness of people and makes listener try to find someone to get alone. At first, the blue piano reflects the different characteristics of people in New Orleans.

What does Blanche DuBois symbolize?

The name Blanche is French and means white or fair. Her last name DuBois is of French origin as well and translates as made of wood. Since the colour white stands for purity, innocence and virtue, the symbolism of Blanche’s first name reveals these qualities, which stand in contrast to her actual character traits.

What does the streetcar symbolize?

The name of the streetcar symbolizes the desires she felt toward the men passing through Laurel. Her desires led her to leave and go to Stella. The streetcar named Cemeteries symbolizes Blanche’s “death.” By “death” I am not meaning that she passed away, but that she officially left the comfort of this world.