What does the slang word torpedo mean?

Torpedo“, 1920s slang for a hit man or “hired gun” “Torpedo“, in American cigar slang, a cigar with a pointed tip, also called a pyramid or belicoso. A type of drinking game (see shotgunning) A US beer keg with a capacity of 5.23 US gallons. “Torpedois a famous German Typewriter brand.

View more on it here. Keeping this in view, what does the slang word hoofer mean?

hoofer. noun. Slang. A professional dancer, especially a tap dancer.

Also, how does a torpedo work? The modern torpedo is a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact with its target or in proximity to it. A torpedo is essentially a guided missile that happens to “fly” underwater.

In this manner, where does the word torpedo come from?

The word torpedo comes from the name of a genus of electric rays in the order Torpediniformes, which in turn comes from the Latin torpere (“to be stiff or numb”).

What does jalopy mean in slang?

jalopy. This insult is for a car: a jalopy is a rundown, beat-up, falling apart car that needs to be replaced.

What does Juice Joint mean in slang?

juicejoint. Noun. (plural juice joints) (slang) A nightclub.

What does HOOV mean?

Don’t worry about the mess on the carpet – I’ll hoover it up later. (idiomatic) To eat (food) quickly, especially by taking it into the mouth directly from the plate rather than using cutlery. (figuratively) To avidly absorb something as if by a vacuum cleaner.

What does Horsefeathers mean in the 1920s?

Horsefeathers, which is said by J. E. Lighter’s Historical Dictionary of American Slang to be a euphemism for horse-shit, is reported as being coined by the comic-strip artist and writer, William Morgan “Billy” de Beck. He also created a short cartoon film called Horsefeathers, which appeared in US cinemas in 1928.

What does jalopy mean in the 1920s?

-A lovely word to describe an old, run-down automobile, this word first appeared in the United States in the 1920’s. During the 1950’s, however, jalopy became a slang term equivalent to ‘hot rod,’ meaning a stylish and hip automobile.

What is a hoofer in dance?

“A hoofer is a person who tap dances—but it’s deeper than that. Being a hoofer is a lifestyle. It’s about sleeping, eating and breathing tap dance. To be a hoofer, you don’t just have a run-of-the-mill dance life.

How far can a torpedo travel?

It could travel about 180 metres (200 yd) at an average speed of 6.5 knots (12.0 km/h). The speed and range of later models was improved by increasing the pressure of the stored air. In 1906 Whitehead built torpedoes that could cover nearly 1,000 metres (1,100 yd) at an average speed of 35 knots (65 km/h).

How fast can a torpedo go?

120 miles per hour

What happens to torpedoes that miss?

Modern torpedoes have sensors and if the torpedo should happen to miss its Target because the target managed to evade it . the sensor of the torpedo senses the miss and immediately detonates itself.

Do torpedoes float?

if they are used for target practice then at the end of their firing run they become positively buoyant and float on the surface of the water to be picked up. They are also painted a bright orangish-red color to aid in finding them. A small boat called a torpedo chaser recovers them.

How much does a torpedo cost?

Mark 48 torpedo
DesignerGould, Inc. Naval Surface Warfare Center
ManufacturerGould/Honeywell (Mod 1) Hughes Aircraft (ADCAP) Westinghouse Naval Systems Cleveland Ohio
Unit cost$894,000 (1978 USD) $3,500,000 (ADCAP) (1988) $3,800,000 (CBASS)(2005 USD)
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How powerful is a torpedo?

The Mod 0 warhead contained 1,260 pounds (570 kg) of TPX explosive and was the most powerful conventional submarine torpedo warhead ever used by any Navy. The United States used TPX explosive which was about 75% more powerful (7405 J/g.)

Mark 16 torpedo
Launch platformSubmarines

Can a torpedo sink an aircraft carrier?

The new class of speedy torpedoes can‘t be guided, but can fire straight toward US Navy carriers that have little chance of detecting them. Torpedoes don’t directly collide with a ship, but rather use an explosion to create an air bubble under the ship to bend or break the keel, sinking the ship.