What does TOC stand for in engineering?

T.O.C. in Engineering
T.O.C.Top of Concrete + 1 variant construction, architecture
TOCTable of Contents technology, chat, text messaging
TOCTheory Of Constraints technology, management, business
TOCTop Of Cement business, oil, technology
TOCTotal Organic Carbon hydrology, environment, construction

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Subsequently, question is, what does TOC stand for medical? List of medical abbreviations: T

What is TOC in writing?

A table of contents, usually headed simply Contents and abbreviated informally as TOC, is a list, usually found on a page before the start of a written work, of its chapter or section titles or brief descriptions with their commencing page numbers.

What does TOC stand for in medical terms?


Is TOC a word?

TOC is a valid scrabble word.

What is water TOC?

Total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon found in an organic compound and is often used as a non-specific indicator of water quality or cleanliness of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. For marine surface sediments average TOC content is 0.5% in the deep ocean, and 2% along the eastern margins.

What is TOC in project management?

TOC means Theory of Constraints. The application of TOC to Project Management is called CCPM, Critical Chain Path Method. Basically, it consists of using a single buffer at the end of the project instead on inflating the estimates for each one of the steps.

What does C mean in engineering?

Here is a very comprehensive list of abbreviations used in the field of engineering: A – Ampere. AB – As Built. AC – Alternating Current. A/C – Air Conditioning.

What is FFE in civil engineering?

FFE. Also referred to as FF is Finished Floor Elevation. The term FFE refers to the top of the structural slab and its elevation above sea level.

What is FF elevation?

Finished floor (F.F.) elevation is a reference plane used as a zero point for vertical dimensions. The F.F. reference plane, as it’s name implies, is the top surface of the finished flooring material. Typical usage is “No component of a hanging light fixture to extend below 7′-0″ A.F.F.” (Above Finished Floor).

What does PX mean in medical terms?

PX: Medical abbreviation for prognosis.

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