What fish can you keep with Mollies?

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Best Tank Mates for Molly Fish. The best tank mates for molly fish include other Guppies, Platys, Swordtails, Gourami fish, Female Bettas, Endlers, Danios, Minnows, Tetras, Snails, Shrimp, and other molly fish. All livebearers like molly fish get along great together.

Do guppies mate with Mollies? Technically, yes guppies and mollies can cross as they are both Poecilia. However, the offspring do not make a new species because they are almost always sterile. Definitely will be keeping that in mind when I add males to breed with the female guppies.

what kind of fish is a Molly?

Poecilia sphenops is a species of fish, of the genus Poecilia, known under the common name molly; to distinguish it from its congeners, it is sometimes called short-finned molly or common molly. They inhabit fresh water streams and coastal brackish and marine waters of Mexico.

What fish are compatible with black mollies? Black Molly fish are a peaceful, community fish who will happily live with almost any other peaceful, community fish. Some of the fish we have successfully kept with our Black Mollies are Guppies, Danios, Tetras, other Mollies, Swordtails, Gouramis, Platies and even female Betta fish.

What other fish can I put with guppies?

If you want to house your guppies with other fish, here are 15 fish that are compatible with guppies: Swordtails. Swordtail Fish – Wojciech J. Platies. Platy Fish. Mollies. Molly Fish. Cory Catfish. Cory Catfish. Honey Gouramis. Honey Gourami (source) Harlequin Rasboras. Cardinal Tetra. Bristlenose Pleco.

Can Gouramis live with guppies?

Guppies and dwarf gourami share a lot. They are both peaceful species of tropical aquarium fish that can adapt to a wide range of conditions. Yes, guppy fish and gourami fish can live together. However there are few things to consider when keeping these two fish species in the same tank.

Will mollies eat guppies?

Feeding Guppies and Mollies The good news about feeding is that both guppies and mollies will eat the same type of food.

Can honey Gouramis live with guppies?

Tank Mates Non aggressive tropical fish such as tetras and barbs that won’t nip fins, mollies, guppies, platies, swordtails, ottos, Cory cats, various small loaches, small plecos and some ram species do great with the Honey Gourami.

Why do my molly fish keep dying?

If all of your water Parameters are testing zero, short of having a very highly planted tank with live plants, this indicates an uncycled tank. An uncycled tank can be the reason that your fish are dying. It’s usually an issue of toxins that build up and cause the deaths of the fish.

Do molly fish eat their babies?

It is because the mollies are very nippy and tend to become very aggressive eater. They will eat almost anything that fits in their mouth. The new born babies are very small just about the size of a pellet food which is why molly are seen eating their own babies after giving birth.

What is the lifespan of a molly fish?

So, how long do Molly live? Typically, a molly fish can live up to 5 years, they can survive well beyond this period if they are well cared for and live in omptimum conditions.

Can you keep all female mollies?

Yes, you can but, you’d need a 20 gallon tank for Mollies. Also, it’s normal to see them chasing each other sometimes as there will be a pecking order. Beware though, female livebearing fish are usually pregnant when you purchase them.

How do you keep a molly fish alive?

It is highly recommended to keep water temperature as stable as possible to avoid unneeded stress for your fish. This fish also prefer hard water (15-30 dGH) and thrive at a higher water pH, preferably 8.0. The ideal pH varies for different types of mollies, but the values from 7.5 to 8.5 are always satisfactory.