What is a jp5 tablet on JPay?

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JP5 Tablets. The JP5 family of tablets are the next generation of corrections-grade tablet computing. Having one of these tablets helps your loved ones pass the time, and stay connected to you. All JP5 tablets work in conjunction with the JPay kiosks installed in common spaces or living units.

How much do songs cost on JPay? The songs range in price from $1.29 to $1.99, but with the lower player cost, the hope is that more inmates can afford them and therefore JPay can sell more songs.

how much is a JPay tablet?

Inmates can purchase the $69.99 tablet from a kiosk in their facility or someone can purchase it for them. To communicate with inmates, people can access JPay’s web platform or get the free JPay app on iPhone or Android.

What can Inmates buy with JPay? Commissary Store Generally, inmates can purchase a variety of items from the commissary such as food, toiletries, phone cards, radios and even televisions. Inmates can only purchase items from commissary on specific days, depending on the prison.

Does JPay work on weekends?

Once you have purchased stamps you can send emails to the inmate/offender you want. Your emails will be delivered in one or two business days but never on weekends or holidays. On the JPay home page, in the Inmate/Offender list, select the inmate/offender you want. Make sure you are logged in to use the JPay services.

What time do inmates get mail?

Mail is delivered Monday through Friday except for legal holidays, inmates are allowed to receive regular sized letters and are allowed to receive pictures, however no envelopes or stamps may be mailed to the inmate they must be purchased from the commissary.

Do inmates know who sends them money?

Will the inmate know who sent him/her the funds? In most states, the inmate is notified as to who sent the money. In other states, this information is not available.

Can an inmate remove you from JPay?

Once you have registered and created an account with JPay, you can also add and delete inmates as you find necessary.

How do inmates get emails?

Until recently, the only way an inmate could get emails was at mail call. Friends and family use a service like JPay or Access Corrections to write an email to their incarcerated loved one. Then, the emails are sent to the prison and the mail staff prints the emails out. The inmate receives the print out at mail call.

Can inmates send pictures on JPay?

You can add attachments to your JPay emails. The amount of attachments you are allowed will depend on the facility to which you are sending the email. Also remember that no video or image can be larger in size than 1MB (1024 kb). You can only make attachments after you have typed your letter.

How much money can you send through JPay?

You may refer to the JPay website for money order limits applicable in the state in which the recipient resides. Any money orders over $999.99 (or the maximum amount permitted in the relevant state) will be returned to you.

How much does it cost to use JPay?

JPay began in 2002 as a prison money-wiring service, offering a quicker alternative for families who wanted to mail a money order to incarcerated loved ones. The expediency came with a price: The fees for each transaction could be as high as $11.95.

How long does it take for an inmate to receive a tablet?

JPay will prepare and ship the JPay Tablet. Then, the facility or prison will deliver it to your loved one. This process can take up to 45 business days from the date of purchase.