What is a synonym for Reliant?

Synonyms. independent autonomous self-directed. Antonyms. dependent unfree joint nonworker.

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Synonyms for selfreliance autonomy. self-determination. self-government. self-rule. selfsufficiency.

Subsequently, question is, what is the opposite of Reliant? Opposite of having reliance on somebody or something. independent. self-reliant.

Hereof, what does it mean to be reliant?

To be reliant is to depend on someone or something. When you’re reliant on a person, you need that person. There are a lot ways people and things can be reliant. Kids are reliant on their parents for food and shelter.

How can I be self reliant?

How to Develop Self-Reliance
  1. Accepting yourself, and being your own best friend.
  2. Inner confidence.
  3. Making our own decisions.
  4. Recognize and manage dependence.
  5. Accept yourself for who you are.
  6. Having your own values.
  7. Not relying on ‘things’ to feel happiness.
  8. Decide who you want to be, and how you want to get there.

What does it mean to be self sustaining?

Definition of selfsustaining. 1 : maintaining or able to maintain oneself or itself by independent effort a selfsustaining community. 2 : maintaining or able to maintain itself once commenced a selfsustaining nuclear reaction.

Why is self reliant important?

Having selfreliance is important for several reasons. The most obvious being that depending on others for help, means there will be times when it’s not available. Selfreliance is also important because it: Means you can solve problems and make decisions by yourself.

What are some examples of self reliance?

Self reliance such as learning to tie one’s own shoes gives children a sense of pride and accomplishment. Self reliance is the ability to depend on yourself to get things done and to meet your own needs. An example of self reliance is growing your own food. “Selfreliance.” YourDictionary.

What does it mean to be self reliance?

Selfreliance is the ability to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you. People learned selfreliance because they had to.

Is Unreliant a word?

adjective. having or showing dependence: reliant on money from home. confident; trustful.

How do you spell rely on someone?

If you rely on someone for help, you also depend on her. But rely is even more powerful! When you rely on someone, you have total faith and trust that she will come through. It comes from the Latin word religare which means “to fasten or bind.” You’re bound to the people you rely on!

What are synonyms for independence?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for independence, like: sovereignty, autonomy, liberation, license, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, self-containment, nonpartisanship, nonalignment, detachment and objectivity.

Is Self Reliance a good thing?

It is always good to be able to do things for yourself, but sometimes you have to let others help! An advantage of being selfreliant is being able to undertake and complete tasks independently, without having to wait for others to finish their part of the work.

How do you use the word based on in a sentence?

based Sentence Examples
  1. Marriage was based on mutual respect.
  2. She’d altered her own future, based on what he showed her.
  3. The keys were located all over the world, except for four of them, which were based here in the command center.
  4. Marriage should be based on trust, and I’ll never trust a man.
  5. It is not based on emotion.
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What is a root?

Definition of root. (Entry 1 of 5) 1a : the usually underground part of a seed plant body that originates usually from the hypocotyl, functions as an organ of absorption, aeration, and food storage or as a means of anchorage and support, and differs from a stem especially in lacking nodes, buds, and leaves.

How do you say based on differently?

“The worldview of most people are based on their personal life experiences.”

What is another word for based on?

based uponbased off of
elicited fromput together from
bottomed onset up on

What does it mean to be based?

Based is a slang term that originally meant to be addicted to crack cocaine (or acting like you were), but was reclaimed by rapper Lil B for being yourself and not caring what others think of you—to carry yourself with swagger.