What is the chemical formula for titanium II selenide?

Titanium selenide
PubChem CID:82909
Molecular Formula:TiSe2 or Se2Ti
Synonyms:Titanium selenide Titanium diselenide Titanium selenide (TiSe2) 12067-45-7 EINECS 235-077-1 More
Molecular Weight:205.8 g/mol
Dates:Modify: 2020-03-21 Create: 2005-08-08

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Naming Ionic Compounds Matching and Other Fun

Secondly, how do you write formulas for ionic compounds? To write the empirical formula for an ionic compound:

What is the name of zn3p2?

Zinc phosphide (Zn3P2) is an inorganic chemical compound.

What is the name of Pb3N2?

Lead(II) Nitride. Alias: Plumbous Nitride. Formula: Pb3N2.

What is the formula for copper II chlorite?

Copper(II) Chlorite Cu(ClO2)2 Molecular Weight — EndMemo.

What is the ionic compound for Cu no2 2?

Ternary Ionic Compounds
Copper(I) PhosphateCu3PO4
Copper(II) BicarbonateCu(HCO3)2
Copper(II) HydroxideCu(OH)2
Copper(II) NitrateCu(NO3)2

What is the formula for Lead II nitride?

Binary Ionic Compounds
lead (II) iodidePbI2
lead (II) oxidePbO
lead (II) sulfidePbS
lead (II) nitridePb3N2

What is the molar mass of Mn clo4 2?

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Manganese(II) Perchlorate Hexahydrate Properties (Theoretical)

Compound FormulaMn(ClO4)2•6H2O
Molecular Weight361.93
Melting Point165°C

What is the name of the ionic compound NaBr?

Ionic Compounds – Names and Formulas
Sodium FluorideNaF
Sodium ChlorideNaCl
Sodium BromideNaBr
Sodium IodideNaI

Is Na2CO3 ionic or covalent?

Identify compound as ionic or covalent then give proper name
Chemical FormulaType of CompoundCompound Name
Na2CO3ionicsodium carbonate
P2 O5covalentdiphosphorous pentoxide
FeSO4ioniciron (II) sulphate
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What is the formula for the ionic compound calcium bromide?

Ionic Compounds, Naming and Formula Writing
Calcium FluorideCaF2
Calcium ChlorideCaCl2
Calcium BromideCaBr2
Calcium IodideCaI2

What is the molar mass of co2 CrO4 3?

Cobalt(III) Chromate Co2(CrO4)3 Molecular Weight — EndMemo.

What is an ion formula?

Ionic compounds do not exist as molecules. In the solid state, ionic compounds are in crystal lattice containing many ions each of the cation and anion. An ionic formula, like NaCl, is an empirical formula. This formula merely indicates that sodium chloride is made of an equal number of sodium and chloride ions.

What are the example of ionic bond?

The most common and most popular example of ionic bonds is the combination of these two elements which produces sodium chloride, commonly known as the table salt. In this ionic bonding, an electron from the sodium atom is transferred to the chlorine atom which creates oppositely charged chloride and sodium atoms.

What is the formula of a compound?

A chemical formula tells us the number of atoms of each element in a compound. It contains the symbols of the atoms of the elements present in the compound as well as how many there are for each element in the form of subscripts.