What is the main character’s name in chains?

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How many words are in the book chains? Chains (Seeds of America) Interest Level Reading Level Word Count Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 12 75475

who are the main characters in the book chains?

Chains Character List

  • Isabel. She’s the protagonist of the story.
  • Ruth. Ruth is a few years younger than Isabel.
  • Curzon. He’s a slave at a neighboring estate to the Locktons.
  • Miss Mary Finch. She was the girls’ kindly first owner.
  • Elihu Lockton.
  • “Madam” Anne Lockton.
  • Lady Seymour.

What does liberty mean to Elihu Lockton? Loyalists like Elihu Lockton define freedom and liberty as the freedom of peace and to do go about their business normally. According to their beliefs, liberty is for the well-off. They love the royalty of England so much that they will obey unfailingly in hopes of rising in social stature.

what is Isabel’s last name in chains?

Isabel is the 13-year-old protagonist and narrator of Laurie Halse Anderson’s 2008 novel Chains. Together with mentally disabled younger sister Ruth, Isabel is sold into slavery, first to a relatively kind woman named Mary Finch, who promises to grant the girls their freedom upon her death.

What is Ruth’s disability in chains?

In Isabel’s words, Ruth is “simple-minded and prone to fits” (3.9), which is an 18th-century way of saying that she’s developmentally delayed and epileptic.

who are the Locktons in chains?

Master Elihu Lockton and his wife Madam Anne Lockton are wealthy merchants in Manhattan. They purchase Isabel and Ruth from Miss Finch’s nephew and plan to use them as servants in their home. The Locktons are loyalists, and support the British. Life with their new owners becomes difficult for Isabel and her sister.

Who is Ruth in chains?

Details about Ruth, the younger sister of the narrator of Laurie Halse Anderson’s novel Chains emerge gradually as the story progresses, but they do emerge. Ruth is Isabel’s five-year-old sister (“She is five years old . . . and you sold her away from me”), who suffers from epilepsy.

What do the bees represent in chains?

Important symbolism in Chains is bees in Isabel’s ‘brainpan’. They represent her thoughts of escape and revolt, and every time she thinks of committing violence against Madam and others, they’re represented by bees in her head that won’t leave her sight unless she makes them.

Who is Becky in chains?

Becky is the head servant to the Locktons in New York. She’s mainly in charge of the cooking, but she also decides which work is to be done by which slave or servant.

What colony does the book chains start in?

The story begins with Isabel and her sister in Rhode Island.

Why is the book chains called chains?

We’ll start with the obvious: The title Chains refers to slavery. As a result, a major conflict in Chains is Isabel’s bondage between the two sides of the war.

Does Ruth die in chains?

Had to ship her down to Charleston. I shall tell the estate manager to get rid of her, toss her in the swamp. Her death will be on your head, you insolent fool. Isabel thus discovers that Ruth is not actually lost and she resolves to do everything she can to rescue her and bring her to safety.

Who is the antagonist in chains?

Madam Lockton

How old is Isabel from chains?

thirteen- year- old

How did the book chains end?

The book ends by giving readers the impression that Isabel will seek out and find Ruth. He and Isabel did not go together to find Ruth, and readers will have to continue on to book three in the series for further information about what happened to Ruth after Madam Lockton sent her away.