What kind of antifreeze does a Chevy Cruze take?

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The recommended engine coolant for the 2015 Chevrolet Cruze is DEX-COOL. This should be replaced every 5 years or every 150,000 miles.

what kind of coolant does a 2013 Chevy Cruze take?


what kind of coolant do I need?

For most vehicles, a glycol based antifreeze coolant is the best type of coolant to be used in any vehicle radiator. However, using the glycol based antifreeze alone is usually not a good idea. In most cases, you will need to mix the glycol based antifreeze with a certain amount of water.

What’s the difference between green antifreeze and orange antifreeze?

Technology. This is the major difference between a green coolant and an orange antifreeze. One utilizes Inorganic Additive Technology, while the other uses Organic Acid Technologies. This type of engine coolant features anti-corrosion additives.

can I use peak coolant in my Chevy Cruze?

PEAK Long Life Full Strength Antifreeze+Coolant features a LONG LIFE coolant technology that is compatible for use in all automobiles and light-duty trucks, regardless of make, model, year or original antifreeze color. Product Features: Compatible for use in all automobiles and light-duty trucks.

Is Peak Antifreeze good?

PEAK OET European Vehicle Coolant Extended Life These formulas will provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion to all cooling system metals, including aluminum, and are fully compatible with other extended life coolants.

What color is antifreeze?

Antifreeze colors include red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and green. Different colored antifreeze is used to identify the type of antifreeze being used. Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT) antifreeze is green in color.

What kind of antifreeze is blue?

BLUE APPLICATION Newer Asian cars and light duty trucks requiring a phosphate based OAT engine coolant VEHICLE MAKES Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Mazda FORMULATION Ethylene glycol based. Silicate, borate, nitrite & amine free PRODUCT COLOR Blue SPECIFICATION/PERFORMANCE LEVEL ASTM D3306, JIS K2234

What color is Prestone antifreeze?


What happens if I use the wrong coolant?

Mixing different engine coolants or using the wrong coolant can impair the performance of the special additive packages; this can result in increased corrosion to the radiator. Using the wrong engine coolant can gradually lead to corrosion and damage to the water pump, radiator, radiator hoses and cylinder gasket.

What color is peak long life antifreeze?

amber color

What does coolant do in a car?

The main purpose of the coolant in your engine is to remove the excess heat through the radiator. Engine coolant is also called antifreeze because chemicals are added to keep it from freezing in cold climates so you can continue to operate your vehicle.

Can you use Prestone antifreeze in any car?

Mixing coolants which aren’t compatible, or using the wrong one for your car, can cause clogging and damage. Prestone is guaranteed for all cars and can be mixed with any other colour of coolant/antifreeze, making it the best choice for you.

What color is Dexcool antifreeze?