What’s a VJ on MTV?

A video jockey (abbreviated VJ or sometimes veejay) is an announcer who introduces music videos and live performances on commercial music television stations such as VH1, MTV, Channel V and Much Music.

Read complete answer here. Likewise, who were the original veejays on MTV?

But before all of them, there were the original five. Click through to check out what MTV’s first veejays — Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, J.J. Jackson and Nina Blackwood — have been up to since they signed off. quicklist: 1 title: Martha Quinn text: Quinn was one of MTV’s most loved veejays.

Subsequently, question is, who was the black VJ on MTV? J.J. Jackson, also known as Triple J, was the first black VJ or video jockey on music television. He made his debut with the MTV network in 1981.

Herein, what is MTV VJ?

A VJ on MTV (sometimes spelled MTV VeeJays) was originally just a DJ, MTV personalities intended to tie the broadcast together by hosting the music videos. But they became popular in their own right, viewed as music journalists, and would soon be given their own shows on the network.

Can you name the 5 original MTV VJ’s?

The original five VJs were Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, JJ Jackson, Martha Quinn, and Alan Hunter.

What does the M in MTV stand for?

music television

Who was on MTV in the 80s?

Do the names J.J. Jackson, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, and Martha Quinn ring a bell? If you were alive and kicking (and watching MTV) in the 80s, they sure will. They served as the first 5 VJs (video jockeys) that introduced the videos played on MTV.

Is MTV still on?

Today, it’s not about the music – Total Request Live ended after 20 years on air in 2008 – as we’ve now got reality gems like Catfish, Geordie Shore, Just Tattoo of Us and more. In the early 2000s, then-MTV president Van Toeffler said: “Clearly, the novelty of just showing music videos has worn off.

When did MTV come on TV?

August 1, 1981

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Is MTV from the 80s?

Prior to 1981, MTV didn’t exist. Prior to 1981, we didn’t have 24-7 access to MTV, its music videos and VJs. However, the MTV of the 80s was nothing like the MTV we see today. The first music video played on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles.

What decade was MTV popular?


When did MTV stop playing music videos in the morning?


What was the first black music video on MTV?

Billie Jean

What was the first video played on MTV?

Video Killed The Radio Star

How much does a VJ earn?

A young VJ earns somewhere between Rs 25,000-Rs30,000 a month and the pay increases with experience and popularity. A popular VJ can earn a huge salary — there being a wide gap between a newcomer and a veteran. Popular VJs can make anything between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4 lakh a month.

When did Martha Quinn leave MTV?

Critics have dubbed Quinn’s departure from MTV as “the day the video music died.” She was also the MTV host at Knebworth 1990.

What was the first video shown on MTV when it launched in 1981?

At 12:01am on August 1, 1981, history was made when MTV, the first 24-hour video music channel, launched onto our television sets and literally changed our lives with the birth of the music video. The first video ever played on the network was quite ironic — “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles.