When was the first series of not going out?

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October 6, 2006

What channel is not going out on? BBC One

how old is not going out?

It is set seven years after the events of the 2015 Christmas special and shows how Lee and Lucy cope being parents to three young children. The series began airing on 13 January 2017, and ended on 3 March 2017. Not Going Out reached its highest ever audience in the opening episode, with a total of 5.52 million viewers.

Who sings We are not going out? Stephen Triffitt sings the opening credits of Not Going Out – YouTube.

where not going out was originally set?

Not Going Out is set mainly in the characters’ homes in suburban England. This season follows Lee (played by Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton) in the madness of their packed family home with kids Charlie (Finley Southby) and twin siblings, Benji (Max Pattison) and Molly (Francesca Newman).

When did Lucy and Lee get together in not going out?

Lee Mack reveals Not Going Out has two different endings. Fans of the BBC One comedy Not Going Out may finally see the friendship between landlady, Lucy, and her flatmate develop into romance. The sixth series, starring Lee Mack and Sally Breton, is due to air on 5 April.

how many series of not going out have been made?

ten series

Where is a touch of frost set?

The programme was produced by ITV in Leeds, and most of the outdoor locations were shot in West Yorkshire. Several scenes were filmed in and around the city and district of Wakefield and neighbouring small towns of Pontefract and Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Why did Megan Dodds leave not going out?

As Megan Dodds decided not to appear in the second series the creators made a major cast change. Sally Bretton (Green Wing, The Office) was brought in as the replacement – she took on the role of Tim’s ambitious sister Lucy. The premise of the second series was that Kate had moved back to America.

Is there a not going out Christmas Special 2019?

Not Going Out will return to BBC One this Christmas 2019 for a festive special. Fresh from its recent Halloween one-off, the hit sitcom will be back on screens in December on Christmas Eve. Earlier this year Not Going Out was confirmed for three further series following the end of the tenth run.

Who plays Lee’s dad in not going out?

Frank – Bobby Ball Comedy legend Bobby Ball will also be returning as Lee’s feckless father Frank in the new series. Best known as one half of comedy duo Cannon and Ball with Tommy Cannon, Ball hosted their own ITV show The Cannon and Ball Show for nine years.

Who plays the daughter in not going out?

Abigail Cruttenden The actress, who has played Anna in the show since 2004, has two daughters.

Who played Rachel not going out?

Cast Episode credited cast: Lee Mack Lee Sally Bretton Lucy Katy Wix Daisy Joanna Bobin Rachel

Is not Going Out coming back?

Appearing on this evening’s (June 7) edition of The Graham Norton Show, Mack – who writes and fronts the BBC One series – confirmed the fate of Lee, Lucy, and the family. Not only is Not Going Out definitely returning for one more series – 13 whole years after it first aired, fact fans – it’s returning for three!

What happened to Daisy in not going out?

The BBC has confirmed Lee Mack’s hit sitcom Not Going Out is to return for an eighth series, now focused on Lee and Lucy’s family. However, notably there is no mention of Katy Wix, who has played Daisy in the last five series of the show. It is believed her character will not appear in the new series.

What is Lee’s job in not going out?

Lee. Lee (portrayed by Lee Mack) is an unambitious, lazy Northerner. He lives in London and previously was a tenant of Kate and then Lucy Adams after she bought the flat. He works as an ice cream truck driver.