Where is killing ground filmed?

The Macquarie Fields location looked like it was in the middle of nowhere, was surrounded by a classic Australian bush landscape, had a beautiful river and beach and was still close to Sydney and facilities. This was the perfect place for the Aussie director to shoot his latest film, Killing Ground.

Read rest of the answer. Besides, is killing ground on Netflix?

No longer available to stream on Netflix USA Try looking for ‘Killing Ground‘ on Amazon (paid link).

Also, is killing ground a good movie? The website’s critical consensus reads, “Killing Ground unnerves and compels in equal measure with a grimly intense story that may be too disturbing for some but delivers a white-knuckle experience for fans of brutally realistic thrillers.” On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 59 out of 100, based on

In this manner, what happens in killing ground?

Killing Ground is really about relationship between Sam and Ian. Sam and Ian just got engaged but it quickly put to the test. When Sam is kidnapped by the vicious villains, Ian is put in a situation where he has choose to either risk his life to save his finance or save himself. He ended up saving himself.

Did Ollie survive in killing ground?

Ollie is shown to have crawled away from German’s corpse; Banjo sits silently guarding him. His final fate remains unknown.

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