Who is the Houston Texans defensive coordinator?

Anthony Weaver is known for his ingenuity in the defensive line meeting room, but now he’ll bring his creativity to the Houston Texans defense. After coaching the defensive line for four seasons with the Texans, Weaver was promoted to defensive coordinator.

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Weaver, 39, has been the Texansdefensive line coach since 2016. He has coached under Mike Pettine with the Cleveland Browns, Doug Marrone with the Buffalo Bills and Rex Ryan with the New York Jets.

Likewise, do the Texans have an offensive coordinator? Tim Kelly (born August 17, 1986), is an American football coach who is currently the offensive coordinator for the Houston Texans.

Subsequently, one may also ask, who are the coaches of the Houston Texans?

Bill O’Brien

Who does Romeo Crennel work for?

Romeo Crennel (born June 18, 1947) is an American football assistant head coach for the Houston Texans of the National Football League (NFL). He has been the head coach of the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs, as well an assistant coach for six different NFL teams and four different college teams.

What happened to Romeo Crennel?

Romeo Crennel to Return to the Texans in 2020. The Houston Texans and head coach Bill O’Brien are expected to bring back Romeo Crennel to the coaching staff in 2020. Crennel’s contract expired at the end of the 2019 season but he will return to the staff and continue to help of the defensive side of the football.

How many rings does Romeo Crennel have?

His overall record in five seasons as a head coach and three games as an interim head coach is 28–55, with one winning season and no playoff appearances. He has five Super Bowls wins as assistant coach.

When did Romeo Crennel coach the Browns?


Was Romeo Crennel a head coach?

Romeo Crennel to Return to the Texans as the Assistant Head Coach in 2020. The Houston Texans will bring back former defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel for the 2020 season as their associate head coach. Head coach Bill O’Brien made it clear that he did “anticipate him being back” for the 2020 season.

How many times have the Texans beat the Titans?

Texans–Titans rivalry
Meetings total36
All-time seriesTitans, 19–17
Largest victoryTexans, 57–14 (2017)
Longest win streakTitans, 7 (2005–08)
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How many times have the Texans played cowboys?

Lone Star history

Since the Texans joined the league in 2002, the teams have played four times. The Cowboys have won the past three, including the most recent in October 2014, 20-17 in overtime in Arlington. The Texans beat the Cowboys in the franchise’s first game in 2002 at NRG Stadium.

How many playoff wins does the Texans have?

The Texans are 4–6 all-time in playoff games. All six of the Texansplayoff berths have been as a result of winning the AFC South division championship. The Texans have a 4–2 record all-time in Wild Card Round games but have lost all four games they have played in the Divisional Round.

How many head coaches have the Houston Texans had?

four head coaches

How long has O’Brien been with the Texans?

Coaching Results
201849Houston Texans
201950Houston Texans
6 yrs

Who was the Texans coach before O Brien?

2Gary Kubiak2006
3Wade Phillips2013
4Bill O’Brien*2014

How many coaches do the Patriots have?

Five Patriots head coaches, Holovak, Chuck Fairbanks, Berry, Parcells, and Belichick, have been named coach of the year by at least one major news organization.

Who is the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills?

Brian Daboll