Who is the model for the NBA logo?

The current logo was designed by Alan Siegel, and features the silhouette of another great LA Lakers player Jerry West, who is 81 years old.

Complete info about it can be read here. Moreover, who is the NBA logo modeled after?

Jerry West

One may also ask, who is the NBA logo 2020? Kobe Bryant Should Be New NBA Logo. The NBA should honor the memory of Kobe Bryant by changing the logo from one Lakers great Jerry West to another in the Black Mamba.

Similarly, who is the NBA logo guy?

Jerry West

Who is the Jordan logo?

The “Jumpman” logo is owned by Nike to promote the Air Jordan brand of basketball sneakers and other sportswear. It is the silhouette of former NBA player and current Charlotte Hornets owner, Michael Jordan.

Will Kobe be the NBA logo?

The NBA logo is supposed to be synonymous with the game. Kobe is recognized as one of the greatest players to ever live. Changing the logo to Kobe would check all the boxes and a fitting tribute to honor the Los Angeles Lakers legend. Unfortunately, there are ramifications of changing the logo for the league.

Who is on the MLB logo?

Harmon Killebrew

Who is the NBA goat?

Many consider either LeBron James or Michael Jordan the greatest player in NBA history—the GOAT, as the title is widely abbreviated in sports circles. Some want to put Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the conversation, while others seem determined to include Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain.

Who is the best basketball player?

LeBron James

Who owns LA Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers
PresidentJeanie Buss
General managerRob Pelinka
Head coachFrank Vogel
OwnershipBuss Family Trusts (majority), Philip Anschutz, Edward P. Roski, and Patrick Soon-Shiong (minority)
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What does Mamba stand for?

Inspired by the code name for a deadly assassin in Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 movie “Kill Bill,” Bryant adopted the nickname to separate his life on and off the court, according to a 2014 interview with The New Yorker.

Who created the NBA?

Dr. James Naismith

Who owns NBA teams?

List of NBA team owners
FranchisePrincipal Owner(s)Owned Since
Atlanta HawksTony Ressler, Grant Hill, Steven Price, Rick Schnall, Sara Blakely, Jesse Itzler2015
Boston CelticsWyc Grousbeck2002
Brooklyn NetsJoseph Tsai2019
Charlotte HornetsMichael Jordan2010

How old is the NBA logo?

It’s become such a ubiquitous, classic symbol and focal point of their identity and their licensing program that they don’t necessarily want to identify it with one player.” The iconic logo debuted in 1971 (with a small change to the typeface on the NBA wordmark in 2017) and would remain a fixture of the NBA brand.

What was the first NBA logo?

The current NBA logo was introduced in 1969 and features the silhouette of Lakers legend and Basketball Hall of Famer Jerry West. The NBA did not immediately return a request for comment.

Are they changing the NBA logo?

Now, fans are now urging the NBA to change its logo to feature Bryant’s silhouette. Currently, the logo features former Lakers player Jerry West. The logo change request was put forth with a petition onChange.orgalong with a mockup of what it would look like.

Where does Kobe land his helicopter?

Traveling by helicopter was common for Kobe Bryant

During his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, it was common for Bryant to travel by helicopter from his Orange County, California, home to Lakers games at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.