Who makes Royal Secret perfume?

Royal Secret Perfume by Five Star Fragrance Co., Initially released in the year 1935 by Germaine Monteil, Royal Secret is an aromatic, woodsy. This feminine perfume opens with the citrusy aroma of juicy lemon and bergamot, softened by delicate floral notes of galbanum and relaxing, aromatic lavender.

Lot more interesting detail can be read here. Keeping this in view, is Royal Secret perfume still available?

Royal Secret is a popular perfume by Germaine Monteil for women and was released in 1958. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.

how old is Shalimar? Shalimar was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1921, but after another company claimed to already have a fragrance by the same name, Guerlain was forced to rename the fragrance “No. 90” until a legal dispute over the name was settled.

Beside this, what happened to Germaine Monteil cosmetics?

Germaine Monteil leaves a legacy that the brand imprinted MONTEIL for more than 75 years, and the highest standards of effective cosmetic sets. Holds MONTEIL care what it promises! Following this philosophy, the MONTEIL cosmetics is developed at the highest level of science even today.

Is Shalimar for old ladies?

5 for years, along with other “classic” perfumes typically associated with polished “mature” women. You may know them colloquially as “old lady perfumes”: Shalimar, Fracas, L’Air du Temps—all very different scents, but all off the table.

Is Shalimar a good perfume?

Shalimar is a beautiful, unisex fragrance that transcends gender. The bottle is as beautiful as the scent. Shalimar is so good, it may very well be one of the best perfumes every.

What does Shalimar mean?

Meanings and history of the name Shalimar. Name of a Guerlain perfume which was named for the famous Shalimar Gardens near what is now Lahore, Pakistan. The gardens span 80 acres and were built by Shah Jahan, who also had the Taj Mahal built. Means “Abode of Love” in Sanskrit.

What perfume is similar to Shalimar?

If you like Guerlain’s Shalimar, try Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

It’s bold and assertive, and it’s still a classic, but if you want something that evokes the same kind of power and drama, try Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, which goes heavy on the florals, but dries down to the same powdery finish as Shalimar.

What is Shalimar diamond?

The Shalimar Diamond was an artifact inherited by Helen Margaret Seymour from her distant cousin Roger. In April 1912, Miss Seymour and Indiana Jones set sail from England to the USA on the Titanic.

What does Guerlain Mon Guerlain smell like?

Mon Guerlain is wonderful. This scent is so elegant, feminine and lovely! The opening is fresh and floral with lavender, jasmine and bergamot. Then it turns into a delicate, soft, delicious scent, warm, powdery, cozy, slightly sweet.

What is Shalimar extract?

Product Details. Shalimar is the first oriental perfume in history. L’Eau de Parfum Shalimar is a mythic fragrance with bergamot, iris and vanilla notes; an intense wake with a touch of impertinence, always glowing which embodies skin-caressing sensuality with a hint of the forbidden.

Where is Shalimar?


Do they still make Evening in Paris perfume?

Soir de Paris (Evening in Paris) is the most known fragrance by Bourjois, which was created by Ernest Beaux in 1928. It was discontinued in 1969. and reorchestrated and relaunched in 1992. Its new creators are Francois Demachy and Jacques Polge.

Has Loves Baby Soft been discontinued?

The scent was not as expected – NOT a true baby powder scent (as in Johnson’s baby powder). Air Wick’s similar product was wonderful in that regard, but unfortunately they seem to have discontinued it.

What does Tabu perfume smell like?

I don’t know what Tabu smelled like when it first came out, but today Tabu smells to me like a viscous brew of maple syrup, patchouli, and incense. It is an odor that is almost tangible, like walking through a thick-napped velvet curtain. It’s pungent, too.

What does Chantilly perfume smell like?

It smells similar to Shalimar but softer. Chantilly smells warm with a spicy powdery aroma. It also has a hint of vanilla with leather in the dry down.

What products does Coty make?

The brands bought by Coty are:
  • Salon Professional: Wella Professionals (and its sub-brands) Sebastian Professional. Clairol Professional. Nioxin.
  • Retail Hair Color & Wella Retail Styling: Koleston. Soft Color. Wellaton. Natural Instincts.
  • Fine Fragrances: Hugo Boss. Dolce & Gabbana. Gucci. Lacoste.
  • Cosmetics: Max Factor. COVERGIRL.
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